Standing Still Fast

by Trunks & Tales

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Standing Still Fast was recorded over a week's time in early April 2010 in Warsaw IN. Robert Lugo invited near strangers into his home for a week of late night chats, awesome barbecuing, and hilariously awkward vocal exercises.


released June 22, 2010

All songs written and performed by Trunks & Tales. All songs produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Robert Lugo.

Released by Beard Party Records and Road Sweet Road Records, May 2010.




Trunks & Tales Philadelphia

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Track Name: Fifteen side effects, ten of which are death
I cannot stop shaking and I can not sit still. I’m tired and I’m hungry, but I’ve got time to kill. I don’t think we’ll make it out alive tonight. I am just a bastard, my hands are bloodied red. I’ll probably I’ll stick around here just to find out what my father did. I’m sure I’ll consecrate all of my fears tonight. But we’ll be laughing all the way. Embrace the swollen clouds. I’ve heard we’ll laugh someday, and how. I’ve never thought those words sounded any more absurd than they do right now. With my memories on my back, I am standing still fast. Gather my mistakes, leave them standing here. But make no mistake, I’ve always been right here.
Track Name: On the conspiracy shelf, between Roswell and Marilyn Monroe
I cannot believe I left my pride beating out of my chest all across these United States. I’ve been there, yes I’ve been there; and everything has changed. These roads have known our names. None of you can say the same. Our sweat drips down the walls in empty rooms. These lungs have known the sting of continuing to sing up and down a coast that won’t remember us. My heart has never burned like this. Spend a whole life screaming, no one will even notice. We’re shaking, we’re not breaking. We’ve worked so hard, never gotten very far. We’ve screamed at basement walls, they’ve never screamed back. They’re too interested in beer and cigarettes. I’ve propped up this crumbling foundation, I’ve held up every wall. but no one seems to care. Now it seems we can trade sweat for all the things we’d never get. And you used to have to work to get where you are. So we’ll drive right through tonight and we’ll count the highway lines. Let this country swallow and spit us out again. And if I don’t return home, know that I’m doing fine Send my love to my mother and my friends; be sure to tell them I’m still alive.
Track Name: I have a sadness shield; it keeps out all the sadness and it's big enough for all of us
Resurrect the rain because I cannot be saved. The sound echoes off my hips from my lips just like a passing train. No reason to sleep; no reason to wake. And I hope I never say, “things were simpler back then,” cause most of these days I can barely stand. Consecrate the days; the time spent in our own heads. We are not the same, they’re all foolish patriots, at best. For all the nights I’ve stayed awake, I still sleep most of the days. When I say I’m not afraid, that’s all I really ever had to say. And I could never be your savior, and I will never be a saint. Most days, I can barely stand this place. Why would you ever ask me to stay? And I guess they ever needed us, they were stronger on their own. I’m sure they’ll all be tired and sore too by the time that they find a home. And I guess we never made a difference, just sitting talking to ourselves. I will never fool myself to think I ever made a single god-damned person proud. Cause I spent all of my best years searching for my best years, hiding from my worst fears. How did I end up here? Now I’d gladly take the wasted days and wash them all out with the waves, spill the blood out from my veins cause I’ve never felt so safe.
Track Name: The importance of not being too earnest (cut-throat corn bread)
With my head between my knees and my words on the floor, I have never been this tired. No ,never before. If my maker don’t take me in my sleep tonight, I’ll be damn surprised. I’ll be damn surprised. And I know I’m no good, I know I wake up hungrier than I should. I’m not selling out, I’m giving in because I wake up crazier as each song begins. And I know you sleep well. And no, I don’t care how. Because I know I’m stronger than you’ll ever be. Because I know you’re weaker than I’ll ever be.